Where to download fresh anime series?

Grabbing anime episodes from streaming sites is absolutely mendokusai and the quality of audio and video sucks. Why not enjoy watching anime in full HD, standard HD or at least in HQ? First you need the software, uTorrent. Download torrent files from Nyaa and open it using uTorrent. I highly recommend HorribleSubs because they have a wide selection of anime series that are currently airing in Japan right now. Just click the links below:

High Quality (480p)

Standard HD (720p)

Full HD (1080p)

If you want to download completed anime series, click the drop down menu All categories, select Anime - English-translated Anime, type on the search box <title of anime> batch <480p, 720p or 1080p> (Example: Sword Art Online Batch 1080p) and then click Search. When search results appear, click Seeders. If you want to look for an episode you missed, just type <title of anime> <episode #> <480p, 720p or 1080p> (Example: No Game No Life 11 720p), hit Search and then click Seeders. Choose torrent files with high number of seeds for faster download speed.

Enjoy watching!【=◈◈=】